Liscarroll National School is an Active School. We are at present attempting to secure the Active School Flag (ASF) for our school. 

This is a Department of Education and Skills initiative which seeks to recognise schools that strive to achieve a physically active and physically educated school community.

To date we have made a number of improvements in place to facilitate a more active school community:

    • A new PE Policy
    • Assembly Aerobics
    • Prioritise a new strand each year
    • Dance teacher for 6 week period every year
    • Teachers upskilling in PE activities
    • Fitness trainer for 6 week period each year
    • Skipping ropes provided for all pupils
    • Structured yard games during break led by yard buddies (5th & 6th Class pupils)
    • Classroom activities on wet days, eg:  dance routines - Step it Up/Bizzy Breaks
    • High Visibility material provided to all pupils
    • Walk a Mile with a Smile once a term
    • Pupils with Special Needs catered for
    • Garda talk on Road Safety
    • Basketball coach for a day
    • Monday Night Walk Night
    • 5K Fun Run
    • Set up Mountain Goat Hill Walking Club
    • Active School Week

The Active School Flag is a whole school initiative and all members of the school community are interested in working towards achieving the ASF.

Members of the Active School Flag committee are drawn from teachers,  pupils, SNAs, parents and community representatives.  We have regular meetings to discuss our