Google Apps for Pupils is a Liscarroll N.S. initiative to provide an environment for the pupils of the school to explore and express their learning experience in a complimentary technology environment.  

The GAPs (Google Apps for Pupils) initiative at Liscarroll National school involves providing the Google Apps Enterprise suite of tools to pupils within an environment controlled by the school.


The entire objective of the GAPs project at Liscarroll National School (Google Apps for Pupils) is to facilitate learning. In doing so it develops necessary I.T. skills in students for the future.  It will also helps with organisation and planning required throughout their lives, in secondary school, in third level, and beyond.  The GAPs project (Google Apps for Pupils) is entirely safe and monitored completely by staff until students leave 6th class.

This enables the students to:

      • engage with literacy in a meaningful purpose filled way.
      • share work with each other.
      • collaborate with their peers on on a range of different educational projects in a secure and safe online environment. 
      • compile a digital database of some of their own work done during school life.
      • have greater editing power with regard to drafting, redrafting and editing of English compositions, creative writing, project work and presentations.
      • efficiently organise their work.
      • develop team building skills.
      • keep their work safe and secure, and never ever lose work because of a computer crash or breakdown.
      • build a portfolio of work.
      • reduce waste and be more environmentally friendly as projects may be done using presentations without paper.
      • access and continue with their work from anywhere in the world.