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posted 26 May 2016, 03:28 by IT Admin

This year the Parents Association Committee will provide the facility for you to avail of the option to purchase school books for the curriculum year 2016-2017 for your child in a quick and easy manner.

What is this all about?

Instead of going into the bookshop in August with a list of schoolbooks and stationery why not order these books through the parents association in advance and save time and hassle.

How does it Work

A form will be sent home with each child on the 30th May with a list of school books and stationery required for next year. This will include the associated pricelist.

Should you decide to participate, you will have the option to return this form to the school office with the required money by June7th with the name of the child clearly marked. There is also an option to have your books covered at an additional cost of €1 per book. You can also choose to buy books only. There is no return policy once the monies have been received.

The rest is easy, before the school term is over your child will receive a package with all of their schoolbooks and stationery for the next academic year.

You can now enjoy the summer holidays without the stress of getting school books at the last minute.