Dance Mania At Liscarroll National School

The students have just completed a 
6 week block of the 
Dance Strand of the P.E. Curriculum.

Check out this video of the final performance day!

Dance in education involves the child in 
creating, performing and appreciating movement as a means of expression and communication.
Dance differs from the other aspects of the physical education programme in that the primary concern is with the expressive quality of
movement and the enjoyment and appreciation of the aesthetic and artistic qualities of movement.

The dance programme involves the child in a range of creative and folk dance. When creating dance, the child explores a range of body parts, body actions and body shapes. Concepts relating to the body in space, the changing dynamics of movement and the implications of moving in relation to another person and his/her environment are explored. The child is encouraged to dance in response to different stimuli and accompaniment and to view dance performance. 

The child's concept of what a dance is can be enriched by opportunities to see and appraise the more accomplished work of others.
Folk dancing is presented with an emphasis on being fully involved and enjoying the dance rather than on the movements involved in the dance. It provides the child with a knowledge and experience of dance of Irish and other cultures.