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Liscarroll N.S. Marathon Day

posted 20 Jun 2016, 05:18 by Unknown user

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(their very own version of)

The Cork City Marathon

On a very sunny Thursday (2nd June 2016), the Health Promotion Committee held a health promotion day.   We wanted to promote, both physical activity and healthy eating, to all of the children in the entire school.

First of all, Mrs O’Brien went to Dohery’ s Centra in Buttevant to collect a very generous donation from Nigel Doherty.  It contained all types of fruit such as bananas, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, apples and blackberries.  

Back at the school, Nora and Darragh assembled some boxes to put the fruit into so that each class would receive a box of fruit. The rest of the committee divided the fruit evenly between the classes.

Taylor and Aoife, some of the older members on the committee, went out with a trundle wheel and figured out that the children would have to run 447 laps of the back yard (26 miles/42 kilometres) in order to complete the  marathon.

Each class were given a certain number of laps to run and had to complete a tally sheet while completing the laps.  

To create a marathon day atmosphere, Mr Moylan set up speakers out on the back yard and 2 students were DJ’s for the event.  

When each class completed the laps assigned to their class for the marathon, their teachers gave them a few pieces of fruit as a reward.

The day was a great success and our goal of health promotion was definitely achieved!

Fruit graphics