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Liscarroll NS Parents Association

Supper Style Evening Dance

The school is struggling to finance extra school activities so this is a very important Fundraiser for

YOUR children for next term 2016/17.

VENUE:                        KILBRIN SOCIAL CLUB

DATE & TIME:            Saturday JULY 23rd @ 8PM

A host/hostess will be assigned a table of 10 people. We are asking for volunteers to take a table for the night.

Suggestions would be a ladies night out, a family catch up or groups of couples join together etc.

Price is €15 pp, included in price is dancing, music, hot food & teas/coffees. The host/hostess may provide sandwiches or desserts for the table.

Booking Contact:         Louise 086/0691793

Deirdre 086/2474559

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the night.

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