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We Want

YOU! come in to the school on Monday Mornings from 9:20 until 11:00 to help manage the PAIRED READING library.

If you have time and can help, please email to let us know.

What is Paired Reading?

Paired Reading is a technique that parents can use to help their own child

with reading practice. The method involves the parent who is a skilled

reader and the child who is learning, reading a book together.

Who is it for?

Every child will benefit from using Paired Reading. It is not just for

children with learning difficulties.

What are the benefits?

Parents who have undertaken Paired Reading report that not only does

the child's reading improve but that child's self-esteem has improved, and

generally the child is more cooperative at home also. This can be

attributed to the quality parent - child relationship that develops as they

spend more time together.

When should it be done?

Choose a suitable time when the parent and child are going to be in a

good frame of mind. Avoid any time when the child is likely to be tired,

hungry or irritable. Agree on a given time, five to seven times a week and

stick with that schedule.

How do we choose the books?

The child's class teacher will offer suggestions about suitable

books to read. We will allow the child to choose the book if possible in school on Monday mornings. We will make sure the vocabulary is suitable, and that the print is clear. Books with pictures are generally best. Don't worry if the child uses the pictures to predict the text. The important thing is that the child is getting practice at reading and that reading is becoming more enjoyable.

Think about a child learning to ride a bike. In the early stages you give

the child encouragement, confidence and control, by holding the bicycle.

Your own instinct will tell you when to let go. So you can gradually

disengage for longer periods until your child is able to ride without help.

The same applies to Paired Reading. It is an ideal way of helping your

child to become an independent reader.