Classroom News

It is June and we are all excited about the summer holidays approaching fast.

Our theme this week is Summer and holidays. In class each boy did collage of themselves in summer clothes for our classroom display board. During group work we wrote about Summer and holidays and the weather. We made a class display about the sea side and in our scrapbooks we did cutting and sticking work based on Summer and weather.

Art Class

In art we made butterflies and ladybugs for our class window. Take the time to view our hall display based on the Summer theme.  


Cookery class consisted of making queen cakes one week and one of our boys suggested we make Magnums so we bought an ice cream  block and melted chocolate over cut out mini ice cream blocks. ‘HEY PRESTO!.


All our boys are loving the weekly sessions of the pool. Two boys have become pool buddies and they love each other’s company in the pool, following each other around and bouncing up and  down. One boy has mastered the first step of holding onto the body board while elevating his legs.

This is a significant first step achieved in mastering early steps in swimming. Another of our boys has mastered the ‘ front crawl’ arms movement. We are very proud of him.


We had our school tour and we had a brilliant day. We went on the Senior Tour to the Mardyke in Cork. We had a great day- We went to the pool and loved it. After we attempted abseiling and tried out the Zumba dancing, later we had lunch in the restaurant.

Our older boy is leaving us to go on his holidays early to France and he will be going to his new school in September. We will miss him loads and loads and wish him all the best in the future! Please come and visit us!