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March 2014

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Classroom News

Our theme is Spring and Gardening. We are also preparing for St Patrick’s Day. During group work the boys wrote about what happens in Spring and made beautiful sunflowers and stuck them into their scrapbooks.

We helped clean and prepare the school garden for flower setting. We set some daffodils. We dug the garden and helped  with setting some heather and primroses. We all enjoyed the beautiful weather and outdoors.


During cookery class we made pancakes with Lyndsey. We also made St Patricks Day green cup cakes. Yummy! We also melted jelly in moulds and let them set in the fridge. The jelly teddies were especially nice.

The boys learned all about St Patrick and did great work in their St Patricks workbook.

In art class each boy made St Patricks day cards for home and  St Patrick’s day badges and painted shamrocks and Ireland flags.

Music Therapy

All the boys are attending music therapy every Monday and it is going great. Maria allows each boy freedom of choice to play any instrument and they all love this class.


During our swimming class the boys are all participating in our ‘Early Steps Swimming Course’.

Each boy is now starting on an individual set of early stage swimming goals.


Every Friday after swimming Eileen takes our class to the toy shop and each boy chooses an item to buy for themselves and sometimes we shop for ingredients for our cookery class.

On Friday 14th we made a trip to the Donkey Sanctuary. Eileen arranged orienteering there. We joined in with 3rd and 4th class in finding pictures hidden throughout the walking area in the donkey sanctuary. It was great craic! We all had a huge picnic there too. It was a mega afternoon.

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