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May 2014

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Classroom News

We are back after our Easter Holidays and on our first day back we helped in the ‘Spring Clean up’ campaign to help keep our school and locality clean and tidy. Our class joined in with 3rd and 4th class in cleaning up the Church grounds and church garden. It is very exciting too as one of our boys will be receiving First Holy Communion in St Joseph’s Church in just a few weeks. We all went to the park after and had great fun on the swings and roundabout with Mrs Mullane’s class.

He is preparing in class for his First Holy Communion and he is really excited about the holy party that’s coming up. Every day he joins Mrs Mason’s class in St Joseph’s church for practice. His job is to take up flowers at the Offertory. We are so proud of him

In Art Class we helped in painting pictures for the church. We have started on a new Summer Display Board for the hall. We have finished painting the tree and its leaves but the display board will be a work in progress with Patricia spear heading the project.

In our first Cookery class, the boys made hot Cross buns which were lovely, while one of the boys made his own unique chocolate sweets by melting chocolate and adding sprinkles. In our next cookery class Lyndsey showed the boys along with some of 3rd and 4th class how to make apple tarts.

We have all made great progress in OT and Ann Duffy joins our class and has started yoga for beginners with our boys. Another of our boys has also started Theraplay with Eileen.

All our boys are progressing well in Music Theraplay, Reflexogy and Theraplay.


Two of our boys have made great success in early steps swimming. One boy has progressed onto the swimming board by himself while another boy has begun to master the front crawl arm movements.


The boys visited the library in Charleville this week, also they shopped in the supermarket and after for a treat they to Supermacs.

Communion Day was a huge success and we had a lovely day. Our boy took up flowers to Fr Robyn and went up with his class to receive his First Holy Communion. We were very proud of him.