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October 2013

posted 7 Jul 2014, 06:05 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 Jul 2014, 07:21 ]

                                                                                October News Letter                    


We are in the middle our 6 week swimming block. Achievements to date:

One of our  boys has transitioned from being in the small pool to big pool.

Another enjoys splashing teacher.

And another spends some time in jacuzzi only taking breaks to splash Norah, Joanne and Patricia.

We all  enjoy our time in the pool and we are all great in participating in our pool games such as Ring-a-Rosie, Ball throwing.

All boys are now more confident in the pool.


Our theme for this fortnight is On The Farm. We learned about Sheep, Cows and Horses. We also enjoyed revisiting Old Mac

Donalds Farm and relearning our song.The Three Little Pigs hijacked our On The Farm time but we enjoyed learning our  words such as wood, bricks, straw, wolf,  house. We played Three Little Pig Bingo, our daily prize was a jellybean, We participated in Food Dudes. We were introduced to foods such as carrots, kiwis , cucumbers,peppers and apples for smelling

and tasting.

Teacher has introduced Theraplay into our classroom and it is a huge success. Both children and staff enjoy the jelly bean eating.

On Mondays, Liz our inhouse reflexologist, takes each child for a reflexology session. This is very enjoyable and also very relaxing.


We have also enjoyed successful outings to the Supermarket, Toy Store and restaurants. We have been on some Nature Trails and we also gave a few trips to the local park, Castle and shop. Weather permitting of course.

Parents, please take time to look at our notice boards and also take the extra time to look and be amazed at our Art Display.

It’s amazing.

We are looking forward to our Presidential Visit and watch this space for our next news update.