The Cherry Room
Trip to the local Post Office

We made a card for Mrs Barrett's new baby and we went to the post office to post it. We got a treat at the post office and went to the park too. We had so much fun playing in all the leaves.

We showed great teamwork by pushing each other around this fun playground ride.


Liskennett Equine Centre

We enjoyed a great day at Liskennet recently. We met the horses and ponies and some of us went on them! We took the ponies for a walk and we rubbed them. Some of us went on the big toy horse. We played in their lovely playground and sensory room after.


Yummy rice krispie buns

We love cooking in the Cherry Room. We loved making chocolate rice krispie buns and decorating them with sprinkles, marshmallows and smarties!


Trip to the Donkey Sanctuary

We visited the Donkey sanctuary. We saw the lovely donkeys and had a picnic.

Donkey Sanctuary


Halloween fun

Take a look at our scary Halloween costumes!


We planted daffodils and we can’t wait to see them growing in the Spring time!

We have been learning about how we change as we grow up! We made personal timelines and made beautiful handprints with paint!
Sensory Play

We love sensory play, especially with water. We mixed food colouring with bubbles and created these cool bubble paintings!

Art work

We used the pointillism technique to paint leaves on the autumn trees - using cotton buds to ‘dot’ on the leaves.

We loved making our scary Halloween pumpkins! Look at our spooky Halloween ghosts!


On Fridays we sometimes become little chefs! We have made buns, cookies, brownies, smoothies and jam and toast!

We made buns for a birthday party and we had fun decorating them with melted chocolate, smarties, sprinkles and marshmallows- Yum!