The Elderberry Room

                             The boys in the Elderberry room have been very busy this year.
                            Here are just some of the fun learning times we ve had. 
  •   Our day starts in the O T hall.


      Exercise gets us going for the day. 
  •    After our work out we have Washing time.
We learn to wash our teeth and hands



In class we have our own 
work stations where we do  our Maths and English.
We always get rewards or relaxing time in the         Rainbow room after our work is finished. 
          Every day in class we have group work. During 
          news time we write in our copies or we use IT support
          such as personal computers, ipads,(prologue}, crome
         books or pecs.
We are all unique  so we use different methods that best suits our individual qualities. 

  • On Mondays our school reflexologist, Liz Griffin, comes to our school. 
We all love the treatments.


  • On Thursday the boys get to try out a variety of musical instruments. They have been learning the keyboards with amazing results. Some budding musicians in the making.

Halloween art
At Halloween we were busy painting pumpkins
to decorate our classroom.


  Fun in the park

Sometimes we visit the local park in Liscarroll.


Baking class is a particular favourite with the boys. Every Friday they try out different recipes  together with some boys from mainstream .

The proof is in the eating!

                       . We had a pizza day. yummy!

  • Theraplay is part of our class schedule. It helps us build our confidence and friendships.

  •      Every Tuesday we all go to Mass to help us prepare for our Sacraments.

Christmas in the
Elderberry Room

Making Christmas logs


We celebrated ' Light It Up Blue' week.

Dylan took part in our musical
'Alice in Wonderland'.

      Busy painting our summer
                 display board.