5th and 6th Class

Welcome to our Class Spotlight

The children in 5th class have been studying the novel Michael Collins-Most Wanted Man by Vincent McDonnell. Vincent is living in Newmarket and will hopefully visit the class in November, something the whole class are really looking forward to. The children have really enjoyed learning all about Michael and in particular the events of the 1916 Rising. Each child did a fact file on an influential person from that time. 

5th Class 17/10/23

In 6th Class we began our Junior Entrepreneur journey. We are looking forward to working as a team to create a new and exciting product!

The Rugby World Cup has been a huge topic in our class and we made our own origami rugby jerseys.

5th & 6th Class boys and girls competed in the Football Sciath na Scol. Everyone had a great day out and we are looking forward to the girls final!

These past few weeks in 6th class we have been learning about World War II and the events that came with it such as the Pearl Harbour bombing and the Holocaust . We have our fighter jet artwork on one side and we have our information posters on the other. We worked  individually on our artwork and then we worked as teams to create our posters.

By Neerja

In 6th class we learned about the Northern Lights. We completed an art lesson using chalk pastels. We learned about what country you can see the lights best from,which is Norway and what colour the lights can be,which is yellow,green,blue,pink and red. We learned much more about the Northern Lights. This was one of our favourite art projects. 

By Faye B