Physical Education /

Active School

We are an active school and we are striving to achieve the Active School Flag.

An Active School is a school  where physical activity is valued, promoted and enjoyed by all.

We are delighted to announce that we have set up our Active School Committee in September 2023.

We decided to elect a boy and girl from each class along with teachers, SNAs, parents and our secretary.  

We also have a community representative.

Active School Committee 2023/24

Our Active School Slogan is:

'We are fun, we are cool, 

we are proud to be active in 

Lios Cearúil'.

We held a competition to create our Active School Slogan and 5th class won.

PE strand of Focus for 2023/2024

This year we are focusing on improving 'The Outdoor & Adventure' strand of the PE Curriculum.  We intend to do a number of community walks with all classes, attend orienteering events with 3rd - 6th classes, complete a number of outdoor learning challenges using our new school walkway signs and challenge cards.  We also hope to develop positive attitudes towards caring for the environment and appreciate the safety aspects of any activities undertaken.  

We will also encourage class teachers to book active school tours as this would fit in very well with our PE strand of focus this year.

Cork City Sports 2024 (PE Strand - Athletics)

Well done to our pupils who competed in Cork Cioty Sports.  We had three pupils who won their sprints and our girls came third place in the relay.  We are very proud of all the pupils that took part.

Also thanks to all the staff members who accompanied them on the day.

Best of luck to all the pupils representing Liscarroll NS at Cork City Sports.  A huge 'Thank You' to Esther Fitzpatrick from Liscarroll Athletic Club for coaching them.

Best of Luck everyone!

Dance with Dancing Derek (PE Strand: Dance)

We are delighted to welcome Dancing Derek to our school.  Every class has a 30 minute session with Dancing Derek for a five week period.  The pupils are enjoying this immensely.

Derek is covering a variety of dance syles and movement with the pupils.

1st & 2nd Class Blitz (PE Strand: Games)

Our first and second class took part in a football and hurling non-compeetitive blitz in Carrigoon, Mallow recently.  These was a very well run blitzes and the pupils got great value our of our new hurling wall while practising for the blitz.  Well done to their teachers Mrs Murphy & Mrs O'Connor for coaching them.

All Ireland Champions Visit our school

We were delighted to welcome home our All Ireland handball and hurling champions to our school recently.  Colin O'Brien captained the Mary Immaculate College Hurling team to win the Fitzgibbon Cup.  Colin is a past pupil of the school and teaching in the school presently.

We were also honoured that Jack Hennessy and Seán Dee, also past pupils, visited on the day with their All-Ireland U14 Handball doubles medals.

Michael Hedigan and Daniel Relihan brought along their All-Ireland cup having won the Senior All-Ireland Handball Doubles trophy.

We were delighted that these lads came along to officially open our handball/hurling wall.

Active School Week 2024 - poster

It's Active School Week  


The Active School Committee arranged many activities for Active School Week that included many suggestions from our suggestion box, posters and timetables displayed around the school.  

Intercom announcements by ASF committee as reminders and organising equipment needed for the different activities.

'Wake up, Shake Up every morning in every class at 9am.  

Pupils did active homework each day and no other homework was assigned. 

Parents were sent a copy of the 'Active School Week' timetable.   

Pupils and staff were encouraged to wear comfortable sports gear for the week.

The rest of the timetable included the following:

Monday    -    'Walk a Mile with a Smile' in our local community (All classes)

Tuesday   -    Handball/Hurling/Tennis taster session at the new ball wall (1st - 6th class & Senior Lios Cúram class).  Poly Spot games (Junior & Senior infants, Lios Cúram classes)

Wednesday  -  'Drop Everything and Dance' & Active Walkway Challenges (all classes) & Students v staff volleyball match 

Thursday  -   Obstacle course & Poly Spot/Hoola Hoop games (All classes)

Friday       -    Dance Takeover Day (Zumba) & whole school 'Rock the Boat'

Click on photos to see more of what we got up to

Rock the Boat.MOV

Click on videos to play them

We even invited parents to send in photos of our pupils doing their PE homework. 

We recently surveyed parents regarding their thoughts on Active School Week and PE in general in the school and most parents were very happy with PE in our school and loved Active School Week.

What a great week we all had.  Lots of activities and lots of smiling faces.  The biggest hits were the Staff v Students volleyball match and the Dance Takeover Day however, all activities were enjoyed.  

Well done everyone  for taking part and trying their best in all the activities.

A big 'Thank you' must be extended 

to our Active School Committee for organising the week.  They did a wonderful job.

Mile with a Smile.MOV

Click on video to play it

Sciath na Scol Hurling Team 2024 

(PE strand - Games)

Well done to our Sciath na Scol hurling team who recently took part in the B2 Hurling blitz in Dromina.  Pupils from 4th , 5th & 6th classes made up the team.  They displayed great skill and determination but unfortunately, did not qualify for the school finals later in the month.  Thanks to Colin O'Brien for training and managing them on the day.  Also thanks t0 the parents who came to support.

Team tactics!

Best buddies!

Game over!

Primary Game

Huge congratulations to Faye Buckey from 6th class who battled through two very tough trials to be selected on the Cork Primary Game Camogie team.  Faye is an outstanding sportsperson having won the Camogie County Final Skills competition last year in 5th class. Eventhough we've had players who have made Cork Primary game teams previously, Faye is the first from our school to be selected for Camogie.  All the staff, pupils and wider school community are very proud of Faye's wonderful achievement.

Lios Cearúil & Corcaigh Abú!

What Clubs are you in Survey?

The fourth class members of the Active School Committee carried out a 'What Clubs are you in Survey? in every class in the school.  The results were very interesting and are posted on the Active School Noticeboard.

Active Easter 2024

We had a very busy and active Easter.  All classes from 1st - 6th and Lios Cúram older classes, walked 'A Mile with a Smile'.  When they got to their destination, they clocked up some running laps of the green to finish off the 'Run Around Europe Challenge' with style.  Juniors, Seniors and Lios Cúram younger classes walked around the two playgrounds within the school grounds.

We finished off the day with games in the halla and we used our new PE equipment (sponsored by the Parents Association).  We had the best and most active day.  Click on the photos below to see more of what we got up to.

Athletics - Running in the GAA pitch

All classes from 1st - 6th went to the GAA pitch to run in trials for Cork City Sports .  Everybody implemented the fundamental skills they have learnt this year to date and ran to the best of their ability.  Well done to all who qualified for Cork City Sports.

Click on photo below to see more

Run Around Europe Challenge (PE Strand: Athletics)

As part of the Active School initiative, we are taking part in the 'Run Around Europe' running challenge from 26th February - 22nd March 2024.  Pupils on our Active School Committee make announcements over the intercom during the week to encourage and remind all classes to get their run in everyday.  Each class has set their sights on running to a European capital.

Classes are running at lunchtime to get their laps in, they also run as a movement break between classes.  Teachers have commented that they love it and that it helps the children's concentration in class.  

Swimming & PAWS   (PE Strand - Aquatics)

Second, third, fourth, fifth  and Lios Cúram classes have each completed 6 weeks of swimming lessons in Mallow Swimming Pool.  A big 'Thank You' to the management and staff of Mallow pool for all their support and expertise.

Second class has been very busy completeing the PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety) programme with their teacher Mrs O'Connor.  They thoroughly enjoyed working through the lessons and learned a great deal about water safety from Splash the Bear and River, the otter.  They learned all about water safety on farms, rivers, canals and beaches.  

Mrs O'Flynn also covered water safety with 3rd class.

The pupils completed all the lessons and worksheets and wrote about it in their copies.

Active School Walkway - (Outdoor & Adventure)

We were very excited when our Active School Walkway signs arrived.  Up to this, we had our own signs with arrows and footprints spray painted on the ground and we were using these since September 2023.  Our caretakers put up our new signs and we walked through them with the Active School Committee.  We did an Active Walkway Challenge with them and they thoroughly enjoyed that.

We made a map of the school and photocopied it onto the back of all the Active Walkway Challenges.  Most of the staff took challenge sheets to laminate and organise into folders.  They are all kept in a plastic box in the PE store for classes to use.

Active School Walkway Challenge box 

Map of School

Active Walkway Challenges ready for use by classes

Members of our Active School Committee checking out our Active School Walkway signs and completing the Walkway challenge on 'Shape'.

ZUMBA & Irish Dancing- (PE Strand:  Dance)

As part of Friendship Week, the Student Council and  the Active School Committee organised for every class to have a session of ZUMBA with fitness instructor Deirdre.  She even did some boxercise.  

All the pupils and staff took part and really enjoyed it.  Thanks to the PA for sponsoring it as you can see from the photos below.

We also enjoyed some Irish dancing during Seachtain na Gaeilge and the pupils learnt 'Shoe the Donkey' & 'The Siege of Ennis'.  Bhí an-spórt againn.

Siege of Ennis in full flow

Shoe the Donkey Mrs O'Connor

Hup a haon, a dó, a trí!


Pupils from 5th class enjoying practising their rolls and other gymnastic movements during their PE class.  

They worked individually and together moving around a circuit with different rolls and gymnastic movement cards to follow at each station.  All the pupils enjoyed this PE lesson immensely.

Primary School Handball  (PE strand - Games)

We were delighted that we had a team to represent us in the Primary School Handball compeition in conjunction with Liscarroll Handball Club.  

Liscarroll NS handball team was made up of boys and girls from 4th, 5th & 6th classes.

 One of our girls won the County Final and we are very proud of her achievements.  

She can be seen here practising on our ball wall at school.

Our handball team have been photographed beside one of our newly erected Active Walkway signs.

Trip to the local Handball Alley (PE Strand: Games)

in partnership with Liscarroll Handball Club.

The Active school committee enjoyed a trip to the local handball alley and had a handball taster lesson from past pupil and local handball champion, Colin Healy.  All the boys and girls got to give handball a go and enjoyed their trip.  A big 'Thank you' to Colin for giving up his time.  The committee agreed that we should roll handball out to all classes in the school.  

Indoor Camogie Blitz (PE Strand - Games)

Our 3rd & 4th class girls took part in a non-competitive camogie blitz in Carrigoon Mallow.  This was organised by Sciath na Scol.  Many girls who never played before played and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a great day out.

Indoor Hurling Blitz  

Our 3rd & 4th class boys participated in the Sciath na Scol Non- competitive Indoor Hurling blitz  in Carrigoon, Mallow.  They thoroughly enjoyed the experience.   

Thanks to all the parents that came along to support.

Well done lads!

Active Christmas 2023

We could not go on our Christmas Jumpers, Hats & Headbands Community Walk as planned due to a yellow wind warning so we improvised and walked around our school walkway on the front and back yards.  All classes took part and enjoyed walking and running in the windy conditions.

Christmas Soccer Tournament

Our Christmas Jumpers, Hats and Headbands Walk was followed by a Christmas Soccer Tournament for the senior classes.  All pupils from 3rd - 6th were divided into eight teams.

Mrs O'Riordan(5th class teacher) and Miss Griffin(6th class teacher) organised and ran the Christmas Soccer Tournament.  Colin O'Brien refereed all the games including the final which went to penalties.  The Blue team played the orange team in the final and the blue team won.  Well done to everyone involved.  It was great fun.

Everyone got plenty of exercise and fresh air.

Click on the photo carousels to see more pictures.

Christmas Disco

Some girls bopping at the Christmas  disco

I love the Christmas hat!

Dancing the day away

Plenty of groovy moves on display at our Christmas disco along with a few snowball fights.  Even some favourite dolls danced along

Teacher CPD 

Amy Griffin (6th class teacher) completed a Badminton Coaching Course with Cork Sports Partnership.

Sarah O'Riordan (5th class teacher)& Siobhán O'Connor(1st class teacher) completed a Hanball Coaching Course with the GAA.

Siobhán O'Connor (1st class teacher) and Edel Dennehy (3rd class teacher) completed a gymnastics coaching course in association with Cork Sports Partnership.

We are indebted to the GAA & to Cork Sports Partnership for organising these training courses for teachers.  Thank you!

PE Store Monitors

Our PE store monitors have done a great job during the year keeping track of our PE equipment and storing it away tidily.

They have also reported broken equipment to the adults on the Active School Committee.  


Click on the photo carousel to see more of the hard work we do.

Olympic Active Break Challenge

Getting active with Go Noodle

Olympic Active Break Challenge

Getting Active while enjoying the Olympic Movement Breaks

Go Miss O'Riordan!

Love the Moves!

Super workout!

Hands Up!

Playground Leaders

We were delighted today when our Playground Leader vests arrived.

Our Playground Leaders were busy sorting an obstacle course for infants.

They were delighted to help the younger children and very proud to wear their new vests

Some of our Playground leaders bring the boombox out to the yard and lead a dance class at lunch time on Tuesdays and Fridays.  This is a big hit with pupils and staff.  When asked, the children said they love it.  Well done to our Playground Dance Leaders.  They are doing a great job and are fantastic role models for the younger children.

Active Halloween   (PE strands: Outdoor & Adventure and Dance)

We had a very active Halloween in Liscarroll NS this year.

The following activites were organised by the ASF committee

Click on the photo carousel to see lots of photos of us being active during Halloween.

Click on photo to see more

(PE Strand: Outdoor & Adventure)

Cork Schools

Autumn Walking Challenge

          in conjunction with                

Cork Sports Partnership

All classes took part for the month of October and enjoyed it thoroughly.  We finished it off with a Witches & Wizard walk around our community on the day of the Halloween holidays.

Over the 4 weeks we walked a staggering total of 2926.1km collectively.  This was a great achievement and we are very proud of our effort.  

See photos of us walking in the Active Halloween section above.

Sciath na Scol Girls Football Final

Well done to our girls who played Ballygiblin NS in the girls football Sciath na Scol final in Carrigoon, Mallow on November 9th.  The girls played their hearts out on the day but unfortunately were runners up. Their families and all the school community are very proud of this talented bunch of girls.

Hurling Blitz in CBS Charleville (PE Strand: Games)

Well done to our lads who were runners up in the Plate competition in this hurling tournament.  They played their hearts out in all their games.

A big 'Thank You' to CBS Charleville for organising such a wonderful competition for the lads.  They had a great day.

The team

The team & their loyal supporters

The lads in action

Active Learning

First class engaged in some active learning during science class.

They used the Tug of War rope to investigate 'Pushing & Pulling.

They had great fun in the process.

Their teacher, Mrs O'Connor got in on the action and was seen taking sides!

Ms Ducey's class were also very busy engaging in active learning during their nature hunt in the garden next door.  The children collected many different types of leaves for their art class.

They even found a giant mushroom.

They had lots of fun.

Pupils actively learning during STEM hour.  They are taking part in a Maths Trail

Active School Notice Board

Our Active School Noticeboard is inside the front door.  

We love to display and celebrate all the activities we engage in at school.

We also have our Active School slogan on it

'We are fun, we are cool, we are proud to be active in Lios Cearúill.

Orienteering (PE strand:  Outdoor & Adventure)

For the school year 2023/2024, we will concentrate on improving our delivery of the Outdoor & Adventure PE strand.  We organised for 3rd & 4th classes to go orienteering to Doneraile park in September.  They had a great time following maps, running to designated locations and finding markers.  Thanks to Cork Sports Partnership for organising this event.  

Have a look through some more photos here.

Active School Lunchtime Breaks 

(PE Strands: Outdoor & Adventure and Games)

Click on the large photo carousel to see more pictures of our pupils getting up and active.

Our Active School Committee decided that we should have organised 

Active Breaktime Activities on the yard at lunchtime, one day a week (Wednesdays)  to start off with.  They monitored how it went and the ASF committee decided to increase lunchtine activities to Mondays and Wednesdays.

Dance on the yard with dance leaders Tuesday and Fridays. 

Thursday is a free play day but pupils may bring out hoola hoops, skipping ropes or other PE equipment if they wish under the supervision of their class teacher/SNA.

Pupil members of the Active School Committee will be yard leaders first and then the duties will be shared among 5th & 6th class pupils as they wish.  A roster will be made out by the class teachers.

Dancing is always a big hit on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Some classes even made their own playlist to give to the dance leaders.

6th class girls testing out our new hoola hoops.


We have established partnerships with the following organisations during the year which have been invaluable to the success of the Active School Initiative.

New PE Equipment

A big 'Thank You' to the Parents Association for funding our new PE equipment and gym matsWe received these at different stages throughout the year and the teachers & pupils are certainly making great use of them.

Thanks also to the local handball club for sponsoring a bag of handballs for use in the school.

The local handball club is a very strong one with a lot of pupils in our school as members so these handballs will be put to good use at our new hurling/handball wall.

  Football Blitz (PE Strand: Games)

We had a great day recently at the 

5th & 6th class 

Sciath na Scol Boys & Girls Football Blitz in Mallow.

Everyone was involved in either playing refereeing or helping out on the day.