STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and maths. These four fields share an emphasis on innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking.  We encourage active learning and teamwork in Liscarroll NS and STEM hour is always very popular with our students.

2023/24   Theme 3:  Environmental Awareness/    Bridges

Our STEM theme for 3rd - 6th classes for January/February 2024 is 'Environmental Awareness/Bridges'

Science Station: Design a free standing bridge made from recyclable materials, that is 10cm off the ground at its highest point, and spans 25cms over which a Bee Bot can cross unaided.

Technology Station:  Hour of code - Flappy Bird Game

Pupils will work in pairs to code a character to perform given tasks.  Their aim will be to get to the final level to design their own flappy bird game.  If they succeed they will earn a personalised certificate

Engineering Station: Design a free standing bridge using 8 sheets of newspaper and sellotape/masking tape.  The bridge must be 20 cm in height and 30 cm across its span.  The winning bridge is the one that can hold up the most maths books.

Maths Station:  Complete a maths trail around the school following a given set of instructions and record the answers.

There was much collaboration and investigating, designing and listening going on during STEM hour .  Pupils were totally engaged in their task.

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(2023/24) Theme 2:  Human

Our STEM theme for 3rd - 6th classes for November/December 2023 is 'Human'.


Science:  Design and make a life size model of the digestive system (alimentary canal).

Technology:  Create a Google Doc or a Google slides presentation on modern inventions.

Engineering: Make a robotic hand using materials supplied and following instructions given.

Maths: Investigate Vitruvian man measurements

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(2023/24) Theme 1:  Space

Our theme for October/November 2023 is 'SPACE'.  3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th classes were busy at each station.


Science:  Egg drop Challenge to defy gravity

Technology:  Creating a video advertisement for a trip to space using the green screen

Engineering:  Creating a balloon powered moon buggy 

Maths:  Estimating & measuring the diameter of craters and the weight of objects on earth & in space.

There was a lot of discussion, investigating, predicting, planning, sketching, designing, changing the design, trials, noise and most important, smiling children to be seen in our school hall today during STEM hour.  

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5th & 6th STEM.MOV

5th & 6th Class Stem Video

3rd & 4th

3rd & 4th Class Stem Video